Dejavu FM

A total rewritten site for the Iconic radio station Dejavu FM, includes a new web player and updated logo designs.

From its prior graceful pirate influence through the London airwaves, to an online radio station. Dejavu FM was one of East London’s Iconic Pirate Radio Stations known for pioneering Grime and former home to DJ’s like Frisky DJ, Spooky Bizzle & Rudimental.

Firstly the manager was advised on regaining ownership regarding domain names and radio streams, we also purchased another domain name (deja.fm) and created sub domains as short links for social networks and tunein radio with the current owners credentials, this is very important to us at Negus Designs as we like to make sure you remain the rightful owner, and will always advise on the best steps to regaining ownership of prior development.

The Logo was digitized into a vector, updated and changed for a more uniformed look. It was then created into a custom font to enable use as normal text.

As the previous player was incompatible to most modern browsers and devices, we quickly built a player from the ground up playing two streams that would simply work in all devices while being very simple to use. The player stays fixed at the bottom of the page and displays as much information depending on available screen space (so more info would be displayed on a desktop rather than a mobile).


As the station caters mainly for mature listeners, we was instructed to be careful not to theme with vibrant colours/styles, so a simple black & white style, clear and intuitive was created, with sophisticated logic working in the background making the site super easy to use. 

A fully functional, easy to use shopping cart was enabled ready for products and tickets to be sold at any time to increase income in the future.

Next we made sure it was easy for DJ’s of all ages to be able to use the wordpress based site as editors, creating posts, embedding podcasts, while automatically posting to all registered social media networks. We also created sub-domains and emails for DJ’s assisting in syncing with mobile devices.

Lastly we made our code cleaner so another knowledgeable web-master could understand, upgrade and administer the site on our completion.