We Are E3

A New Android App + Deployment and Existing Website Enhancements.

The e3 Partnership is a Community Based English Language Project sponsored by the Department for Communities & Local Government.

An Android App needed to be created in record-breaking time and deployed with video assets onto over 200 Android devices, while the WeAreE3 website needed a revamp with extra features and further styling.

The first problem we identified was the unrealistic time restraints in completing a fully functional versatile learning app using the Android SDK, without neglecting testing to make sure no bugs where present, the time restraints caused due to us taking over from a previous company not being able to meet the targets, we welcomed the challenge!

Phase 1 involved building the app from the ground up with our software developers, keeping to specifications while working with the restraints posed by the 200+ tablets to ensure 100% compatibility, testing the software for any errors and bugs.

Phase 2 involved installing the apps, configuring the settings in each device, while adding 300mb+ video files on each devices memory.

Phase 3 involved website enhancements.

With our developers working night and day while liaising with our clients we managed to complete the tasks right on target eliminating all bugs with a few hiccups along the way this proved to be challenging, we employed extra staff joint by our clients workforce in deploying the assets onto the 200+ android devices which also proved problematic but was essentially completed within the required timeframe with success.

During the app development we also added extra functionality to the website, fixed all errors, cleaned up code for quicker loading and soft design improvements.